Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 31st January 2016

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Shadows of the Past what to expect on UTV on Sunday 31st January 2016

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Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with with LA SOMBRE DELA PASADO (SHADOWS OF THE PAST),
Severiano in full rage turned to hold Alvatrie by the neck and pushes her on the floor shouting at her that Cristobal is never going to die. Unfortunately, Alvatrie becomes unconscious and blood begins to ooze out of her ears and Nervousness caught up with Severiano. He goes to touch her and seeing that she still had her pulse, he holds her by the neck and strangles her to death and when he tries putting her in the trunk, calls keep coming from both candela and Lola as Lola wishes to check on her mum and candela wishes to check the where about of Severiano and nervousness continues grasp him but refused answering all the calls and then still put her in a trunk and locked it up.
Mary goes to the shop and Lola takes the opportunity to ask her if she’s spoken to Emmanuel and as usual she lies to her that indeed they have spoken and even they slept together in Sanmegel and though in front of Mary, Lola pretends not to believe her but after Mary left, one could tell that right at that moment Lola believed that Emmanuel has made a fool out of her again by making her build her hopes up that he is going to break up with Mary.
Valeria goes to check on Cristobal and the first question he asks is if she’s seen Aldonza and she lies that she hasn’t seen her and pretends to help him with Aldonza and though Cristobal disbelieved her but he gave her the benefit of the doubt that she looks for Aldonza and ask her to come over. Whiles she leaves the ward, she bumps into Candela and tells her everything and candela asks her if she is actually going to bring Aldonza but Valeria tells her that she just said that in front of Cristobal to win him over and to let her know that she is better off than Aldonza.
Mary calls Valeria to thank her for coaching her on how to handle things between Lola and Emmanuel.
Emmanuel arrives in Santa Lucia after registering for the horse competition and the first place he decides to go is to see Lola at the shop but unfortunately for him Lola has closed and locked the shop.
Father Jeronimo tells Adelina that he is finding it difficult to forge Severiano’s signature but Adelina insists that they try their best to falsify it to bring happiness to both Aldonza and Cristobal.
Severiano calls some men and they help him put the trunk in his car and whiles she pays them off and about to sit in his car Lola arrives since her mother refuses to pick calls and upon Severiano seeing her he questions her on what she is doing there. He informs her that her mum has left back to Sanmegel and Lola becomes worried since they started developing mother and child relationship. She then also questions Severiano what he is having in the trunk and asks him to hand the trunk to her if they are her mother’s belongings and anxiety set in but Severiano did everything possible to get Lola off his back but could feel that all is not well.
Aldonza sneaks to see Cristobal and he becomes happy but candela tries asking Aldonza out of the ward but Cristobal tells her that Aldonza is his happiness and therefore can’t ask her out. Candela becomes so furious at her for turning her own child against her. He then asks her mum to leave them alone so they could spend some time and though it was tough for candela but Cristobal threatens her if she refuses he is going to stand up again to cause more damage and so she left in anger and she asks Humberto to seize Aldonza from seeing Cristobal. Candela then then asks him if he knows the risk involve because that can lead to the possibility that Cristobal might not decide to be with Valeria anymore but Humberto says to her that he can truly say that Cristobal will never fall in love her daughter even if hell break lose so there I no need preventing Aldonza just for the fact that her daughter in the scene
After Aldonza excuses Cristobal for Humberto to check him, candela goes after her to warn her and to threaten her not to come closer to her son again but Aldonza tells her that whether she likes or not she has twice the right to be with Cristobal as a wife and also as a sister and also it is her presence that always put her son at ease. Candela becomes so annoyed that she threatens her that she is going to make her pay for every hurt her mother caused her but Aldonza care less about it and tells candela to take advantage of the clinic to have herself examined since she has gotten angry above standard that he heart might explode.
Mary intentionally puts up crocodile tears to lie to his parents that Emmanuel has used her and wants to break up with her to go for Lola after going with him to Sanmegel to have sex and also she gave him all of her savings and this makes Uriel so angry that he wishes to even kill Emmanuel to death.
Severiano sets on the road with the trunk to cover his wrong deeds and he over speeds to the maximum point that the police goes after him to arrest him and upon interrogation he becomes very nervous at a point when he was asked to open the trunk but suddenly almost when he was about getting down, the asks him if he is Severiano Mendoza and after knowing that, the police allow him to go without checking and his nervousness subsided.
Emmanuel calls Lola to explain everything to her but Lola refused to hear anything from him and just said there is nothing she is going to believe him. She then hang up and threw the phone away. Emmanuel thinking it was because he hasn’t being able to speak with Mary that might be putting Lola in that mood, so he goes straight to speak with Mary but upon reaching, he meets Uriel at the gate and without asking for explanation from Emmanuel about the truth in Mary’s statement, he beats him up mercilessly and had it not been the intervention of Madam Emma Emmanuel would have given up the ghost.
Severiano takes the trunk to El-Santuario and it into the waterfall and he becomes very happy seeing that he wasn’t caught, his job is accomplished.

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