The UNFORGIVABLE episode 92 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 27th April 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 92 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 27th April 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Martin covers veronica’s eyes till they reach a nice house with room filled with so much surprises and after he uncovers veronica’s eyes, he discloses to her that, that is the house he promised to build for her and as it is; the place looks so great planted in mina Escondida. This surprise leads to a wonderful love making. Martin then asks veronica to forgive him for he’s not going to hurt her again and veronica tells him that even if some day is to come and they hurt each other and she wishes to leave martin shouldn’t let her go but hold her tight to himself.
Salma tells Jorge that she hid the secret about Virginia from him since she thought she would reject her as his wife and this is the case she also do love him so much. But Jorge tells her he is not sure if he can forgive her for lying to him. So he leaves to go speak with Magdalena and as he leaves, Salma says to herself that, she doesn’t want his forgiveness but all she wants from him is to stop annoying him with his stupid question. He then says again that of course she is not going to tell Virginia the truth because that will make her hate her forever for hiding to truth from her.
Virginia still lying on her hospital bed decides that she has to do something fast to get rid of Matilde if not after spilling out the truth veronica will sink her in prison.
Nanciyaga discovers that martin is back and so she goes there to check on him and unfortunately for her she sees martin and veronica in a love making mood but she has slept off whiles martin is not. Martin quickly gets up to push Nanciyaga away to speak to her to stay away from veronica and him because she caused all the problem between them because if she should have said the truth that veronica wasn’t the bad woman she wouldn’t have maltreated her but no matter what she tells martin that he is hers and not veronica’s. veronica overhears their quarrel and she wakes up and goes there to ask Nanciyaga to stay away from them cause she’s harm them a lot.
Julio goes to confess to Father Juan about the wicked intention of Crescencio and Manuel concerning Perla and asks him to help him save her from that danger and father Juan tells him to give him a little time to think about what to say to Crescencio since he’s a difficult person.
Matilde was taking some snap so Magdalena goes out to have some coffee and unfortunately she is delayed a little bit as she meets Jorge at the corridor and he tells her about Aaron killing his brother Clemente in prison and also calling veronica to threaten her. In that same vein, Virginia made her way through to Matilde’s ward to strangle her with a pillow but a nurse enters to give Matilde her medications and almost caught her but Virginia find her way out without the nurse discovering that someone was at the ward.
Whiles Virginia enters her ward, Salma also gets in and she asks where she went to and as usual she lies that she went out to call the doctor since she felt very awful but Salma still doubted her and insists that she tells her the truth but Virginia covers it with tears and Salma tells her that she is never going to be moved by her tears but if she is refusing to let her know, she should tell her the truth if she and Daniel were lovers and that one too Virginia swears that they have never been lovers before.
Manuel goes to give food to Perla and he discloses to her that Pablo is back in town but he’s warning her that if she dares go closer to him, he is going to finish him as promised and that is what he did because Pablo is now dead and Perla becomes worried more than ever. So she refuses to eat and as Manuel tries getting the soup back, she pours it into his face and run off to look for Pablo in the forest and Manuel also goes after her to bring her back to the cage.
Daniel calls Salma’s phone to tell her to open her eyes widely to know who Virginia really is as she is not the saint she describes herself to be and Salma received this call in front Virginia so she looked so nervous. Daniel tells her that she has a good recording of her that can change the good perception she has towards Virginia. After the call, Salma asks Virginia to explain to her why she looked as nervous as she was speaking to Daniel and she should explain the recording and video he mentioned and she lies as usual that Daniel just want to blackmail her.
Raymunda goes to speak with Joaquin so he explain things to her and he does that perfectly but Raymunda thinks that Teacher Gabby only took their absence to get closer to him so she can win his love but Joaquin pleads with her not to say awful things about Gabby since she only had good intentions and is also a decent woman. Raymunda becomes angry and asks Joaquin that was all she needed from him to defend Gabby when she the person whose cause them to be ridiculed in the town.
Whiles martin and veronica were enjoying, Emiliano was also preparing his dinner table lying in wait for veronica to come so they enjoy together and to his surprise, martin and veronica arrives at the hotel looking as happy and intimate as never before and she becomes dumbfounded.

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