The UNFORGIVABLE episode 120 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 15th June 2016

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The UNFORGIVABLE episode 120 what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 15th June 2016

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Hello great people, we are continuing with LO IMPERDONABLE (UNFORGIVABLE) and in today's episode,
Veronica spills a slippery liquid at the entrance of the door. Then she awaits for Daniel to come in, armed with a wooden box. Daniel comes in and slips. Veronica then whacks him on the head with the wooden box. She whacks him on the head not once by twice. Daniel falls to the floor unconscious. Veronica quickly moves over to the table and gets some bandages. She checks to see that Daniel is passed out and then prepares to tie him up. Daniel, trussed up with gauze, watches Veronica drawing up an injection (which we never see her use). Daniel can't believe Vero has been fooling him.
In Pablo's apartment in Mexico City, Manuel makes a lightning switch from blubbering bathos to manic menace. He is going to be the same Manuel Sánchez Álvarez he has always been – cause why fix it if it ain't broke? He jumps up, and grabs the paper Pablo and Ana Perla have signed, and waving his gun at them, backs out of the room. Ana Perla, instead of shouting for joy that she and Pablo are still breathing, lets out a tearful
Chelas has just tucked his loaded gun into his waistband; he opens his door to two policemen with their guns drawn.
Virginia makes a quick call to Manuel asking for his help. They agree to meet right away and she texts him the address now as to where they are going to have the operation done. Before she can sneak out of the mansion, however, Jorge stops her. Despite all her whining and wheedling, he refuses to let her leave the house. After all, he doesn't want her risking another health crisis. When Virginia tells Jorge that she feels dizzy, Jorge leaves her sitting in his office while he goes to get her medicine, taking care to lock her in as he leaves. Virginia hears the rattle of the lock and checks the doors. "Something very strange is happening," she says.
Virginia snoops through Jorge's papers and finds a copy of his WILL: and says Damn him! I should have known it! "His only heirs are Emiliano and Veronica!" She wrinkles her nose in disgust. "The old miser never believed in me! I hate him so much!" When Jorge returns with her pills, Virginia is sitting in the chair panting and complaining that she can't breathe. As soon as Jorge's back is turned to pour her a glass of water, she grabs a brass elephant paperweight and conks him in the noggin. He falls to the floor, apparently unconscious. She picks up his keys and locks him in the room and left out to wherever she wished to go.
Luckily after a while, Chucho gets the door to the study unlocked. Jorge refuses his offer to call a doctor or the police – he wants to go to the address Martin left them. They head for the car.
Vero is going to leave and let the police take care of Daniel. Before she can do so, however, Aaron is at the door, pulling off his white wig and shouting at her that she's not going anywhere. Vero fights back as best she can, grabbing things and throwing them at him. Even so, he manages to corner her and overpower her. Just when it seems hopeless for the warrior goddess, Martin bursts into the room and shouts! "Turn around because I'm going to kill you!"
Martín is on top of Aaron and very close to choking him to death. Vero begs him not to kill him. "Let the police take him." He agrees unlike Aaron, Martin is no murderer. Vero pulls the gag off Daniel's mouth so he can tell Aaron that Virginia betrayed all of them. "I don't believe you," croaks out Aaron. "Virginia knows I have her in my hands!" Vero says Virginia is a manipulator who can't be believed. Daniel backs her up. "If you untie me, I'll choke that traitor Virginia myself," he offers helpfully.
Everyone's attention turns to the sound of sirens approaching. Slippery Aaron seizes the opportunity to break away from Martin and make it out to the door. Martin and Vero run after him, leaving Daniel on the floor and howling in frustration.

Virginia is now standing in Daniel's rest home and hostage center and gloating over his pathetic cries for help. She is wearing black gloves, never a good sign. "You used me!" he says. "Don't blame me for your stupidity," she retorts mockingly. He says she won't feel like laughing when Martin finds the USB drive he left in his house. He also left a letter revealing all Virginia's acts of villainy.
Now Virginia is straddling Daniel and stroking his face with a wicked looking knife. (Who has who in their hands? You or me?) She asks. She smiles as she draws the knife down his body to his belt, which she begins to open. "You wouldn't... " he begins. "I want to enjoy you up right up to the last minute why deny me that pleasure?" Virginia nuzzles up against his face. "I love the look of terror on your face." Daniel sobs. "I'm going to give you the last kiss of your life – you'll love it!" As she presses her lips to Daniel's, she raises the knife and plunges it into his chest. She watches his death with pleasure, rubbing her face against his as his mouth fills with blood. "Now to dispose of the evidence," she says. She then hides her gloves behind a cupboard. But darn it all, her blouse is stained with blood. She leaves the room, rubbing at the spot.
Magdalena enters the room almost immediately. She gasps in horror at Daniel's bloody and not quite lifeless body. "Who did this to you?" But now it's too late. Daniel is dead. Magdalena reflexively grabs the handle of the knife [No!!!!] and then recoils, rubbing her bloody hands on her blouse.
And now Virginia is back! Cursing Magdalena for meddling, she comes from behind and chokes her with a length of gauze. Magdalena struggles to free herself. Veronica runs back in and frees Magdalena from Virginia's death grip. A moment later, Martin follows. He has to hold Vero back so she doesn't kill Virginia with her bare hands (though frankly, I think this is a mistake on Martin's part). Then Rebecca comes in and then Botel wheels in. Vero struggles against Martin's manly embrace: "You're going to jail!" she screams at Virginia. "You're going to pay for everything you did! Virginia remains defiant. She says that her friends are coming to help her.
Mariana, in a kerchief and dark glasses, sits behind the wheel of her SUV outside Pablo's apartment and waits for her target. When Ana Perla crosses the street alone, Mariana accelerates and takes aim. Ana Perla is hit, though not head on, and knocked to the ground.
Pablo sits with Ana Perla in the ambulance and then waits anxiously as she is wheeled into the emergency room.
Sirens sound again, and this time for real! Jorge enters the now crowded crime scene ahead of the police. Even Salma has joined the party. Virginia pops up and points at Magdalena: "She did it!" The police see that the clothing of both women is bloodstained and so arrest them both on suspicion of murder.
Mariana is packing up for a quick getaway when the police show up at her door to arrest her for attempted homicide.
Pablo pleads with the doctor to save both his wife and his unborn child. The doctor says it will be very risky. Pablo knows Ana Perla's maternal love will get her through.
With his mother at his side, Pablo says a soggy prayer to the Virgin.
The city surveillance cameras show her license plate clearly. The Prado Castelo clan gathers in the justice building. Martin makes a call to ”the best criminal lawyer in Mexico." The wheels of the injustice system are already in motion, however; after examination of the evidence, a judge has decided to send both Magdalena and Virginia to prison where they will await trial and sentencing for first degree murder.
Vero and Botel are both freaking out, and with good reason. Martin tries to comfort his wife. Rebecca tries to reason with her. [Shut up, Rebecca.] Even Salma expresses her dismay and tells Vero she's sorry for what is happening. Then Martin's friend Jeronimo strides into the justice building with a confident smile on his face. This is the lawyer everyone's been waiting for. He greets Marty with a hug. But when he notices Rebecca, his smile vanishes. It turns out they were once engaged.
Over dinner, Jeronimo tells Rebecca he never abandoned her. This is what happened: he was on his way to give evidence against a dangerous criminal when one of that man's accomplices shot him. He was in a coma for more than four months. Rebecca is horrified. We are simultaneously amused and relieved and at last someone will get that woman out of Martin and Vero's life. Jeronimo has been crying and asks Rebecca if she has forgotten him. She answers that it would be impossible to forget a love as great and as profound as theirs. She never stopped loving him, not for a moment. Now she knows why she was so attracted to Martin because he reminded her of him. Jeronimo asks her to come back to him and she says yes.
Virginia has made it to the front pages of the local tabloid. Manuel is dismayed at the news and sure that Martín is responsible. Aaron wonders if Virginia betrayed them and Manuel says they have to find out if she did, they'll get even. In the meantime, they need somewhere to hide. And he knows just the place.
She sits in the home office with Jorge, Vero and Martin and Vero says they have to find the USB drive that Daniel hid in Martin's apartment and present it as evidence against Virginia. Salma gives Vero her cellphone and tells her it contains a video of Virginia's confession to Matilde's murder. She doesn't know who sent it to her. Martin thinks it may have been Daniel maybe that's why Virginia killed him.
Ana Perla has responded well to a blood transfusion. The doctor says she needs peace and quiet for her recovery.
Oh wow! It's the hanging judge who presided over Martin's hearing! Vero tells Jeronimo about the video. The prosecutor immediately objects to its introduction as evidence. The judge, perhaps knowing that Vero is a force to be reckoned with, says he wants to see the video and decide for himself. The video is projected on a big screen so the whole courtroom can watch Virginia and hear her damning words. In light of the new evidence, the judge says he needs to examine the case more thoroughly before making his decision. He tells Jeronimo that it is his last chance to find solid evidence in his client's favor.
CSI search At Where Daniel Was Murdered By Jeronimo And His Guys: A giggle-worthy scene shot in tones of sepia and gray. Chalk outline on the floor. Yellow crime scene tape. Guys in latex gloves and lab coats measuring stuff and dusting for prints. Jeronimo casts an expert eye around the room. He moves the cupboard away from the wall, revealing the black gloves that Virginia stashed there.
Jeronimo presents the black gloves in evidence: they bear traces of Daniel's blood and are presumed to belong to Virginia since they have her initials. Virginia leaps up and denies owning them. "Veronica and I have the same initials. Magdalena probably took them from her daughter!" Then, with the judge's permission, Jorge examines the gloves up close and recognizes them immediately as the ones he gave Virginia for her birthday.
That's all the judge needed to hear. Magdalena is to be released immediately. As for Virginia, she is sentenced to a maximum of 50 years in prison.
Virginia cries and calls out for her uncle and her mother to help. She says she can't breathe. Salma rushes to her in a futile attempt to rescue her. But Virginia is taken away and there were Lots of hugs in the courtroom: Vero and Maggie, Vero and Martin, Maggie and Botel, Rebecca and Jeronimo.
The ambulance carrying Virginia is having an engine trouble. The driver pulls over and checks under the hood. He asks one of the prison paramedics to sit at the wheel and start the engine when he gives him the word. A female paramedic is alone in the back with Virginia and suddenly Virginia opens her eyes gazing at the female paramedics carefully and quickly she turns and spots a touch lying nicely somewhere beside her in the ambulance.

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