Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Friday 22nd July 2016

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Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Friday 22nd July 2016

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Hellooo wonderful people, we are continuing with ROAD TO DESTINY and in today’s episode,
Fernanda holds in her hands a violet flower and she says to herself that many people believe that violet symbolizes modesty/humility but to her it’s a symbol of love and that is the love she has for Carlos.
In that same vein Carlos has also reached the workplace after breaking up with Isabella and he says that, he actually knows it was difficult for Isabella to have known the truth but the fact is he also has to defend the love he has for Fernanda.
Don Fernando still insists on finding Amelia and granddaughter and so Luis agrees to do everything in his power to look for them even if it takes to go to the whole world. As he leaves Mariana run after him to ask who Andrea is but he tells her he owes her no explanation and he actually doesn’t know what she is after but that was the second time they have been caught kissing but he is warning her not try that again else she will have him to contend with.
Blanca goes over to see Luis to tell him that Amelia and daughter do exist and says to Luis that, he can’t also deny that that girl isn’t his daughter because she knew the relationship he had with Amelia and abandoned her to her fate and the gardener of the house has to take up his responsibility because he actually never loved Amelia. Luis later admits it and Blanca puts him in his place and asks Luis how he is going to feel after she discloses to Don Fernando that the man who impregnated her daughter is his dear lawyer who is helping him to look for her daughter and suddenly nervousness fell on him but promised him that she would say anything because she doesn’t want Don Fernando to soil his hands with his blood as knowing that will certainly cause him to kill him for good.
Amelia dresses up for work and Fernanda and Pedro hugs her to wish her good luck and a good start of her new Job but she still looks too bitter and Pedro tells her how happy he is to see her working and though she doubts him Fernanda seconded and he asks her to give them her office address so they can call in case of anything and immediately she gave it to him, Pedro realizes that she works at the bank of Marissa that is Carlos’ mother’s office and they both grow nervous since Pedro thinks she can cause a scene there.
Fernanda and his father Pedro takes over Amelia’s casadias work and pedro toasts them whiles Fernanda plays the violin to entertain the customers and indeed they actually enjoyed the work they were doing as well as the customers since demand for more casadias and more music and they speak to each other that the father and daughter makes them happy but Amelia’s heart is always filled with bitterness that pisses them off each day.
Mrs. Rosaura introduces a new teacher to the students and Rosario’s eye caught up with him and says teacher Diego is very handsome as well as all the students. Fernanda tells Rosario that the new teacher might find her very cute and so she shouldn’t degrade herself like that.
Mariana decides to go over to see Amelia to get to know her daughter so she can get rid of her for good. In that same vein, Carlos also takes Fernanda to see Don Fernando since he promised him that he would introduce his girlfriend to him because he is one of his patients he loves so much. Upon Don Fernando seeing Fernanda, he gets up from his chair to hug her and welcoming her back to the house thinking she was Amelia due to the resemblance and Blanca interrupts to clear things for Fernando that he is confused due to the resemblance and Fernanda says that because they have same name, she is forever going to have him as his grandfather.
Mariana suddenly enters and Don Fernando introduced Fernanda to her as Carlos’ girlfriend and that means Camila lied but Fernanda told them that Camilla is her friend and she is isn’t a bad person but was just a little confused. Mariana then asks her to mention her name again and after she did that, she casts her mind back and wonders if Fernanda could be the daughter of Amelia but Carlos gets and emergency call and they have to go but Mariana asks Fernanda to come back anytime even if Carlos isn’t able to since she is her daughter Camilla’s girlfriend.
Mariana having a bad intention and wishing to know her niece to get rid of her, she goes to speak with Pedro to take her to see Fernanda lying to him that because her father wants to make amends with them but Pedro tells her that Fernanda won a scholarship in school and has travelled to spend some holidays abroad and won’t be back soon.
Pedro wonders what will happen to him if Fernanda is taking away from him because if indeed Mariana came over then Don Fernando truly feels remorseful but if they take her away from him he will die. In that same vein Mariana also says she doesn’t actually know if Pedro told him the truth but no matter what even if Fernanda that daughter has travelled, she has to find her first before Luis does because she wouldn’t allow that brat to take Luis away from her and all of her father’s fortune because it belongs to her.

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