Simply Maria what to expect on UTV on Saturday 6th August 2016

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Simply Maria what to expect on UTV on Saturday 6th August 2016

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 06, 2016 11:44 am

Hello great people, hope you are all doing so wonderful. We are continuing with SIMPLY MARIA and in today’s episode,

Vanessa calls a friend of Hippolyto their driver, to ask him to help her deal with some issue by watching over a person for her but before that she is going to meet with him so he will know how to go about it.

Georgina cries all her eyes out knowing that her time of joining her ancestors will be due soon and Hotensia thinks she should tell her husband about it may be he could conduct another test on her and get a cure for her ailment but she refuses to say anything to Adolfo and so she pleads with Hotencia not to say anything about her ailment to anyone. Adolfo arrives to ask about why she is crying and standing there with Hotencia but she just brushed things off and pleaded with Adolfo not to force Alejandro to take his path when he is not even interested to becoming a doctor but rather compete in his horse riding but he refutes to that stating that he only wants the best for his son so s that when he is no more, someone can take over the hospital. She brings up the issue of Maria and allows Alejandro to date her because he actually is in love with her and it is hard time they forget about social class but Adolfo refuses to let their son end up with that maid.

Maria is done with skirt of Ursula’s skirt and waaaaooo she looks so happy looking at how it actually fits her very much and she complements Maria for the good job done and Thelma even wants Maria to saw same for her but to be more nicer than that of her sister’s because she is the youngest and maria looks so pleased to do it. Pina arrives to ask Maria if she is going to take money from those two as workmanship but she says NO but Pina goes mad about the whole things saying Maria is not to do that.

Vanessa with Nicanor and they discuss about how he is going to monitor Maria everyday of her life because her intention towards the girl is very good because after paying a visit to her friends she saw that the maid looks unhappy working for her two friends and this is why she wants to help her with some incentives and also her friend told her she is a flirt but before doing that she has to know a bit about her and Nicanor agrees.

Fabian accepts to be the suitor for Yolanda even if she is going to use him as an object to make Cristobal Jealous.

Alejandro takes Karina to their horse stables and he takes a ride as Karina stood there to watch him do that, she reminded him of Maria and in the mood, he falls down from the horse and Karina grows so anxious. Eruviel takes him to change his clothes and on the way, Karina overheard him ask Alejandro why he’s not been bringing Maria there again because she looks so beautiful and upon hearing that she grows so jealous.

Vanessa goes to the modeling agency to hire a handsome Young male model called Didier and all she is willing to do with him is to pretend that he is her current boyfriend in front of all her love ones. Didier is only speaks Spanish and a bit of English language but the fact is she is the one going be his interpreter in the relationship and only have to do what she asks him to.

Georgina could feel that her son is truly in love with Maria and differences in social Class doesn’t exist since only love matters and that is what he wants him to do and not to think he can use Karina to forget Maria when she is actually his happiness and not Karina. She therefore asks him to be very careful as to the woman he chooses to marry.

Thelma and Ursula look so happy since their skirts fit them very much and considering that they agree to give Maria a Sunday off and that makes her so happy and wish to go visit Cristobal and the people at the boarding house with.

Considering the ill-treatment Tavo and Nayeli is giving to Coral because she disclosed to her granddad about the love solution they took from Inocencio, she asks her grandpa that they leave the house to stay elsewhere because she looks so unhappy.

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