Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 10th August 2016

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Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 10th August 2016

Post by Admin on Wed Aug 10, 2016 3:51 pm

Hellooo wonderful people, we are continuing with ROAD TO DESTINY and in today’s episode,

Fernanda overhears her parents talking about their divorce and questions them if indeed they are getting divorce and Amelia says it so simply that of course that is the situation since they are incompatible but Fernanda tries making them see reason but Amelia sees no sense in that and quickly she walks out on them and Fernanda looks so worried because she doesn’t want them to divorce but Pedro sits her down to explain things to her that her mother is the one demanding for that divorce.
Luis goes to the bank with Marissa and he bumps into Amelia and Marissa does the introduction to Luis that Amelia is their new cleaning lady. Luis then gets the opportunity to speak with Amelia alone and he pleads with her to meet him at a particular restaurant so they can talk and Amelia agrees because she tells him that she is also interested in taking to him.
Carlos goes over to check on Don Fernando and after he asks him if he recollects everything that happened to him but seriously he never remember a thing. Carlos then speaks to Mariana about her father’s situation and she prefers that they take her father to a mental hospital but Blanca refuses because she thinks that will only take him to his early grave to let her do that because no matter what she is going to take care of Don Fernando.
Amelia meets with Luis and she asks him about why he needs to talk to her so urgently after abandoning her 20yrs ago and he tells her to forget about what happened years ago because now as it is, he is the lawyer of her father and he demands to see her and granddaughter because he actually regret everything he did against her and also he wants her Granddaughter to inherit his fortune but Amelia actually fails to believe and everything sounds so confusing because Mariana told her not to step into the house because her father still hates her. He then enquire who he sold their daughter too since some testified to that but Amelia cleared the doubt in Luis mind that her daughter has always be with her and he therefore asks her to allow her meet his daughter but Amelia says she wouldn’t there hurt Pedro because to him Fernanda is his daughter and wouldn’t allow her to let her meet with their daughter.
Pedro looks so furious and he confronts Carlos to leave his house because he can’t continue to fool his daughter again and Carlos becomes so devastated.
Luis confronts Virginia to tell her why she has to lie to him about Amelia and she spill the truth to him that it was Mariana who forced her to do so in return for a favour she did for her and Luis grow shocked.
Don Fernanda goes to the hospital for checkup and Carlos discloses to him that his girlfriend broke up with him because he deceived her but Don Fernando encouraged him not to give up if only he sees that girl to be the love of his life so he should go over to clear things with her and maybe he would be lucky and things will be normal between them. Carlos then quickly goes to speak with Fernanda to forgive him and he is also willing to clear things now.

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