Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Thursday 21st July 2016

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Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Thursday 21st July 2016

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 21, 2016 12:47 pm

Hellooo wonderful people, we are continuing with ROAD TO DESTINY and in today’s episode,

Fernanda plays her violin and wonders how she is going to tell Camilla that she actually is the girlfriend of Carlos because that will mean that their great friendship is going to end and that is what she wants to avoid but the fact is she also don’t want to lose Carlos.
Isabella grows so angry about why Carlos has to choose that school girl over her when all she’s done is to love him faithfully but Marissa calm s her down and asks her to control herself and not to feel so angry but to do everything possible to solve this crises between her and Carlos and when that is over, she can have the marriage she has always dreamt of and make a great family in future.
Luis comes home in great anger to tell Marissa that from now onwards Carlos will have him as his enemy for making fun of him after confronting him that he lost the lawsuit due to the report he gave those brats but ridiculously told him he is not to worry because the money is for his mother and in that same vein Carlos also arrives home angrily to confront Luis and pick up a serious fight with him as to why he tried again to run Fernanda over by his car and but Marissa did everything possible to separate them to tell Carlos to stop hating Luis and love him as his father for ones but Carlos warns her mum not to dare state that again because if he can never be a father to him since he is only a free loader and again warns Luis that if he ever hurt Fernanda again, he is going to kill him.
Amelia is on the way to her casedias stand but unfortunately he is attacked by some gangs who forced her to give away her money and as they try laughing at her, Fernanda arrives to defend her mum and luckily some guys also arrive to join in the defense and through that Fernanda is able to take the money back for her mother.
Amelia goes shopping to get herself some attire for her new Job and she tells the sellers that they can go die of envy because now the Mrs. Cesar things will be a thing in the past since she is going to work in a bank as a secretary or a higher position. And upon arriving home, Lupe calls her to inform her that Marissa has finally giving her the job and wish that she starts work and so she gets dressed and goes over the office and to her disappointment she is told that she is going to replace the cleaner who left but Lupe and Aldonaiz encouraged her not to feel discouraged because the company will give her the opportunity to further her studies and as she comes successful, she can be giving a different position that suits her upgrade as in the case of Lupe ones a cleaner and now a secretary and Amelia thanked them a lot.
Andrea bumps into Luis and Mariana at his office kissing and growing so hurt she confronts him who Mariana is and questions if she is one of his girlfriends and Luis has to allow Mariana live and Andrea still demands for explanation but Luis has nothing to say than lie saying that though she saw them kissing but it’s not what she thinks but Andrea says he can’t fool her and also thinks he is ungrateful for repaying her back with cheating after sacrificing all her love for him even as a married man and quickly declared the concubineship null and void.
Fernanda meets with Carlos at the river side and suddenly Camilla arrives in anger to question Carlos as to why he has to stand her up at the dinner when she knows that he truly love her but Carlos clears things up with that, this misunderstanding was a made up by Felipe since he never even mentioned to Felipe that he loves her (Camilla) and Camilla now feels so embarrassed for Felipe to make a fool out of her.
Chao Rosario continues to insist that Carlos breaks up with Isabella to and start a new life with Fernanda if truly he loves her since it will be perfect to hurt Isabella now than later. So Carlos goes over to speak with Isabella that there is another woman and that he can’t be with her because he truly love Fernanda but Isabella refuses to accept and thinks Carlos should think things over because she also loves him so much but Carlos’ mind is made up but she promises to take revenge on him and the school girl.
Camilla visits Fernanda in the house and Fernanda tells her that she is now very happy to see her getting over Carlos but Camilla tells her that is never going to be possible because she actually love Carlos and therefore is going to do everything from the scratch to win him even if it will entail giving Carlos her body she is damn ready to do that and have him and Fernanda thinks that is madness but she thinks that is great since the advice was from her father asking her to go that mile with Carlos and with he wouldn’t have any choice than to marry her.
Fernanda holds in her hands a violet flower and she says to herself that many people believe that violet symbolizes modesty/humility but to her it’s a symbol of love.

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