Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 27h July 2016

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Road To Destiny what to expect on UTV on Wednesday 27h July 2016

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Fernanda asks her mum the kind of job she was offered at the office and she tells her that she works at the CEO’s office as the personal assistant of the owner of the bank and Fernanda says happily to her that she is so so happy for her mother and she is also proud of her. Amelia then silently speaks to herself that there is no way she can tell Fernanda that she is the cleaner of the company but since she didn’t finish school she can’t aspire to be anyone else.
Carlos confronts Isabella as to why she has to go to look for Fernanda at the school and she says to him she wanted to see that so called school girl he dumped her for. Carlos then tells her to just accept their breakup and live him and his girlfriend alone because Fernanda isn’t the reason for their breakup because truthfully everything about them was actually a mess already and Isabella then kicks him out of her office and tells him that he will never see her again.
Aldonaiz tells Marissa he received a notification from their affiliate in Spain informing them about finalizing the deal with the savings and loans association and what is left to be done is for Marissa to sign the deal there since she is the president of the bank therefore she would have to travel with Aldonaiz the next day but Marissa says she can’t go since she has to also help Isabella with the fashion show if not Isabella will feel disappointed. Luis then suggests that she allows him to go and do the signing through the power of Attorney and Aldonaiz chips in that that is impossible because his marriage contracts states that he can’t have a say in anything that has to do with the bank much less a substitute for Marissa in transaction which is a delicate material for the bank and Luis warn him to stay out of his marriage issues but Marissa tells Luis that she truly agrees with Aldonaiz but Luis tries to convince Marissa but she wouldn’t dare take such a stupid risk for anything and so Luis gets annoyed and left.
Felipe has brought the lawsuit cheque finally to Fernanda and it’s seems to be a huge amount of money ordered by the court and Fernanda grows speechless. Felipe then would have loved to celebrate with Fernanda that evening for winning the court case but she turned him down since she has an appointment with Carlos and won’t stand him up for anything.
Marissa goes over to speak with Carlos to go to the Spain on her behalf since he is her only child and can stand in her place to do the signing so she can assist Isabella with the fashion show. Carlos tries to make her mother understand that the bank’s deal is more important than that fashion show and also his job is being a doctor but she says it she has to get involve in matters of the bank since that is his inheritance. No more words could change the mind of Marisa so he has to accept the fact to go to Spain to sign on her mother’s behalf the next day and she says that is going to be her first attempt to separate Carlos from Fernanda.
Luis confronts Andrea as to why she has to tell Isabella about their affair but she tries denying it stating that may be Isabella heard from someone else because she wouldn’t dare do that. Luis then tells her that he truly loves her so much and he is going to prove to her by spending his whole time with her for the 2week Marissa will be away for her trip and Andrea thinks that whether Marissa go or not He has to fulfill his promise.
Luis tells his detective to do everything possible to look for Amelia and her daughter because he truly has to find them. As the man steps out, he meets a friend and as they discuss about Amelia, Mariana overhears them and tells the man that her sister is Amelia and married to Pedro. She takes the man to a coffee shop and she asks him not to look for those people because she is willing to pay him an amount which is more than that of Luis’ own and the Detective agrees.
Carlos discloses to tell Fernanda about his 15days trip and she looks so sad but Carlos asks her about what to do to make her happy and Fernanda prefers that he takes her to see Don Fernando again because she feels some connection with the man which has made her love him so much. Upon arriving at the house, don Fernando grows so furious at Fernanda asking her to leave because he will not accept swindlers in his house so he wouldn’t steal from him to and Carlos asks why he says that and after explaining about learning that from Luis, and he kicks her out of his house and this causes a great pain for Fernanda.
Andrea confronts Isabella as to why she has to open her big mouth to tell Luis about their affair but she tells her to shut her mouth if not she will have to tell it to Marissa
Carlos’ time is due for him to go to Spain and whiles his mum and Aldoniaz bid him farewell, Fernanda arrives playing her violin to say goodbye to Carlos and they look as compatible as they hug each other. Marissa stirring at them closely asks herself if she is actually doing the right to thing trying separating this people because everything proves that Fernanda truly adores her son. Carlos then introduces her to her mum and Aldoniaz and he and Fernanda share hugs and kisses and left to take the helicopter. After Fernanda tries explaining that she is not a swindler as her husband thinks of her but Marissa prefers to save that for another time. Fernanda then excused her to leave and all that Marissa said was it was a pleasure meeting you, goodbye. Fernanda leaves with a heavy head asking why the woman has to say just that and not saying may be see you soon, that means she can’t stand the sight of seeing her.
Pedro knows exactly where Fernanda has gone to but thinking that if he tells the truth to Amelia she would again go so mad, he lies to her she left early for school and before he could end his sentence, mother Rosario arrives to ask about Fernanda and as usual Amelia goes mad that Pedro lied to her.

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